Thurlow St, Vancouver

As our city grows, the communities within look for spaces in our neighbourhoods that act as an extension of our homes, like a shared backyard. Somewhere we feel comfortable and guests can feel welcome. Sherwood was asked to design two outdoor amenity spaces to serve that exact purpose in the Davie Village, on the 7th and 9th floor of this stunning church.

Boasting a generous 26 feet, the first kitchen has ample space to prepare, grill and serve a meal to a large crowd. We included a large sink with a removable spray faucet for ultra-convenient cleanup. Topped with granite counters, we incorporated bar seating at both kitchen spaces where a few visitors can enjoy a more intimate meal straight off one of the large 36” grills.

This prime amenity in the Davie Village serves its community, housing countless luncheons, weddings, fundraisers and events of all kinds.

Custom Aluminum Sub-Frame

Exterior Cladding: 1 1/4” Granite

Appliances: DCS 36” Grill

Countertop: Granite

Extras: Stainless Steel access doors, Stainless Sink and Faucet, Breakfast bar seating area.